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Self-Cleaning Massage Combs

Self-Cleaning Massage Combs

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  • Comb your dog's hair without any hassle using our dog hair brush with water. The comfortable grip and ergonomic handle of the brush ensures that your hands don't tire out easily. Enjoy the grooming process as you give your pet a gentle massage and a shiny coat.
  • Get our dog hair brush with water for advanced moisturizing and dandruff control. This 2 in 1 comb removes floating and dead hair for a smoother and shinier coat.
  • Experience soothing grooming sessions with our dog hair brush with water. Its rounded comb teeth gently massage your pet's skin without causing static or irritation. The non-harmful design ensures your furry friend feels relaxed and comfortable during grooming, making it the perfect tool for pet owners.
  • This dog hair brush with water can keep your home and pets clean from sheets, sofas, and other household items. It has double-sided cleaning, short teeth for removing pet hair and long teeth for combing pet hair. It also helps to remove floating hair and knotted hair from your dog's fur.
  • Indulge your pets in a deep cleanse with this convenient dog hair brush with continuous water discharge. The integrated water tank design lets you add shampoo or conditioner for efficient cleaning. Easily clean the bristles and pet hair with no mess. Your furry friend deserves the best, get them a refreshed look with every use.
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Customer Reviews

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I’ve tried many different types of brushes and this one, in my opinion, is the best! The tips are coated making them gentler on our cat’s skin. The button to expel the hair is also really nice.

Works great

Works much better on my thick haired cat than the comb I had bought before. Very easy to use because the bristles are perfect and when done you just press the button and all the hair slides off and into the trash.


Was a little skeptical if my cats would allow me to brush them…. Boy, after the first stroke,, they now expect it as a nightly ritual.
This brush is well made and sturdy and preforms as advertised by popping out the hair, such a good buy for the money. The kitties love the feel on their coat. Performs very well!